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Prolouge: Audio Journal Number 117Edit

My name is Freelancer New Mexico, and right now, I'm lying in the snow dying, bleeding.

Because I did what was right! I took the Alpha, I hid it, I ran away with it. And I saved it. Until Freelancer finally caught up with us. Yes, I said (cough) us (cough). They're in similar shapes as me. There's Nevada, in his aqua armor, there's Illinois, and there's Tex. My Tex. And they killed all of us.

Is this what happens when you do what's right?! It comes back to bite you. Or maybe this was wrong. Maybe the Alpha was ment to be tortured, and wasn't supposed to move?

They say (cough) that the Alpha was based on me, or I was based on the Alpha. Look, I'm no Wash (cough) but I know when something's dying.

And in my mad quest to save everything, I lost it all.

So screw you Freelancer, with your names and all the crap. Nevada's name is Lavernius Tucker. Illionis' name is Michael J. Caboose. Tex's name is Allison.

And mine? You really want to know?

Church. Leonard Church.

End audio log. Begin playback.

Chapter 1: Guns, Sergeants, and IdiotsEdit

This series was cancelled by MrFluffman until further notice.

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