Sharkface profile tfa
Sharkface the Insurrection's Pyro








The Insurrection



Armor Color

Red (Primary), Steel (Secondary), Steel (Detail)


Number Ten


M7057 Defoliant Projector

Sharkface is the biggest of all the Insurrection elites in  Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives. Sharkface specialises in pyrotechnics and is fully armed with a customised flamethrower. Sharkface's name comes from the paint on his helmet of a black mouth with white shark teeth lining the top and bottom of the visor.

Role in the PlotEdit

Return to LongshoreEdit

Having been fighting The Covenant at an Insurrection outpost known as Western Fort, Hawke's fores became overrun and they were forced to retreat to the Longshore Shipyards. He, Sharkface and Bowman led their remaining soldiers (dead or dying) back to base where they warned Insurrection leader Crowe about the Covenant threat.


Combat ArmorEdit

Sharkface's combat armor consists of an ODST Helmet (with customised decals on the visor), and an extremely heavy and thick assortment of knee guards, elbow pads and a chest piece. His armor colors consist of Red primary colors, Steel secondary colors and Steel armor details. His personal symbol is a red fist on yellow fire.
Sharkface symbol tfa

Sharkface's personalised emblem

List of InjuriesEdit

Sharkface has not yet received any injuries while serving under The Insurrection.


Sharkface's personality has not yet been explored within the series.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Sharkface's skills have not yet been explored within the series.


Sharkface has shown to have no significant relationships with any of the characters at this point in the series.


  • Sharkface was the name of the audio track that played during the flamethrower Insurrectionist's scene in Red vs. Blue Season 9
    • This was the inspiration for his character name.

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