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Pfc. Smith Hendle is the Flag Carrier for the Red Team at Sidewinder. He makes an appearance in Red vs. Blue: The Freelancer Archives during the episode Up Close and Personal. He, like other members of Red Team are soldiers designed to train members of Project Freelancer in live-fire training exercises.

Role in the PlotEdit

The Freelancer CoupEdit

Two members of Project Freelancer, Agents Utah and Alaska were assigned to the Red Team in order to help them steal the Blue Team's flag. However, the mission had fallen sideways and Simon had died. Despite Alaska's orders to stay in cover he left and was run over by a warthog. This resulted in a temporary alliance between both the Reds and the Blues in order to kill both of the Freelancers.

'Legs' had set up a trap for the Freelancers atop a cliff in the way of the Agents' escape path. He had used the spot to kill several Blue Team soldiers before holding Agent Alaska and gunpoint with his shotgun. Utah, however climbed and tackled the Red before lightly pulling on the trigger, the burst of bullets tearing open Hendle's jugular.


Red Combat ArmorEdit

Smith presumably had fully equipped Red Team Mark V standard Armor.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Smith is a relatively cunning character, despite an alliance with the Blue Team he still decides to kill them when given the chance. This also suggests a possible hatred towards these characters.


  • Smith Hendle was used as a representation of a heavily occurring theme throughout the original Red vs. Blue by Roosterteeth Productions:
    • Why is it that the Reds and Blues are provided with so many opportunities to kill each other, but never proceed to actually pull the trigger?

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