Breif discription of one of the character's deaths. Subject to change. (Note: I wanted to write something depressing.)

He coughs blood, spits it against his visor, slowly pulls himself off the ice.

Looking around from his postition, he sees the other Reds and Blues fighting as best as they can against this threat, but they're slipping in and between them, striking in between them, watching as they fall. Swanson's already unconsious, and who knows where Killgrave is.

He pulls the rest of himself up, then doubles over as more blood pours out of his mouth. Standing right on an explosive. The armor's the only reason he's alive. More blood.

'That's what's wrong with you,' someone says off to his right. He turns, but no one's there. 'That's what's wrong with you. You always get out when the going gets ruff.'

"Screw you, you bloo-" he doubles over again as Maddox goes spinning away. The blood's coming hard and fast now. "Screw you."

He stands up, pulling out a small pistol, squinting through the haze. His vision blurs, and he shakes his head. More blood.

He sees Alexa fighting with one of them hand to hand. But another's coming up, he lifts it, curses the blurry helmet... or is it his eyes. He pulls the trigger.

He barely has time to register the thing falling down when a hand grabs his arm, spins him around, and something passes through his chest.

Time slows. He feels it sliding smoothly through his heart. His life flashes before his eyes. Seeing his father die, Freelancer, Blood Gulch, and....

'Nice to have you back,' comes the same voice at his left ear. He thuds against the ice one last time. He smiles as the name and face pop into memory and everything goes dark.

Everyone's standing over him, helmets off. One of them yells something that sounds like "-son, you okay? Of cource not, MEDIC! Darn it, where's Maddox?"

His last thought makes him realize he's laughing.

"Bloody hell," he mutters.

Song jogs over to Maddox, who's lying unconsious in the snow. He leans down, slaps him a few times, then yanks him up. "Come on, Maddox," he says, "Krayson needs you."

Maddox mumbles something in return and starts stumbling towards the group of people gathered around Krayson. Meanwhile, Song decides to look for Chief.

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