"Actions speak louder than words. Which is why slitting someone's throat is much more effective than insulting them" -Marx talking to Joseph


Stephen "Marx" Hawthorn is a red soldier in the series RP. In the Meantime. He was assigned to the Red Team after a seemingly failed mission. he and his partner were sent on a mission to assassinate a key member in a growing Inserrection movement. It turns out that this partner was a mole, and Marx was forced to kill him on sight. After explaining to command what happened, they thought it best (since Marx was "emotionally compromised) to send him to a simulation base. Marx was added to the red team, and began his deployment promptly.


Stephen got his nickname "Marx" after the fact that he can throw/shoot anything with almost pinpoint accurecy. His former partner recieved a similar nickname "Missile" for his ability to utterly destroy anything he wanted with nothing more that a pistol.


Marx is always the "strong silent type". He is also very cynical and sarcastic. His psych evaluation noted that the betrayl of his partner her left him with "trust issues", so he barely talks to people he does not know well. He also likes hurting those who gets on his nerves, because he thinks it sends a clearer message that people should back off, rather than hurling insults.


Marx uses an Energy Sword, Sniper Rifle, and a Magnum Sidearm, but he also likes to use his Knife as a weapon.


Marx as an assassin


Marx has a normal red-issued armor and a CQB helmet with a black visor

under the helmet, Marx stands 6'3 and about 200 pounds, all muscle. He has black hair and dark brown eyes.


Joseph Slater

Marx likes Jospeh, seeing him as a good friend and ally. While other sees his vlolence threatning, Marx just finds that's another thing they have in common. He used to not talk to Joseph, but Marx eventually warmed up to him.

  • No connection to the blue team has been recorded as of yet (Though he really doesn't care about them)

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