Talia Blackman
Name: Talia Blackman
Affiliations: Taskforce Delta
First Appearance: Taskforce Delta
Armor Color(s): Blue and Black
Occupation(s): Counselor, Pyroexpert
Weapon(s): Portable Flamethrower, Staple Gun
Voice Actor: Your Worst Nightmare
"There are seven ways to kill a human being without pain. There are no such ways with aliens. Shall we continue?"
—Talia threating an uncooperative patient.

Talia Blackman is the lead counselor of the Blarganhonk. Appointments with her are mandatory, once a month.


Talia rarely wares her helmet, so she has long, auburn hair and an appealing feature. Her skin is darker than caucasion, but not dark enough to be African American. Her genetic heritage is a mystery, even to her. She wears a black-and-blue pressure suit.


Talia is blunt, though she can be manipulative. As Head of Negotiations, she makes it her job to be a master in the art of trickery and lies, though she can speak with outright, absurd honesty when she wishes too. She can also be sarcastic, leading other crewmates into embarrassing mental traps.


Templar KeranEdit

"Your mind is a puzzle. I'm going to solve it."

Talia regards Templar with some fascination, hoping to discover what makes him tick, why he is a loner, and his overall past. However, she can prove to be somewhat of a jerk to him.

Derrick HensonEdit

"Not a talker, I see."

Talia has a strange rivalry with Derrick, believing him to making himself busy instead of going to the therapy sessions. However, she occassionally enjoys talking to him.


  • She is named after a certain Batman character, and shares several traits with that character. However, she is more inspired by a character in another fanfiction on a different subject.

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