(The song A girl named tex starts)

(Tex comes busting through a metal door chasing after a warthog in what appears to be a airplane hangar.)

Driver of warthog: We're gonna die!(X9)

Gunner: No we are going to live.(Tex throws a tank at them)Nope, Roger's right

Person riding Shotgun: Shut up, Jake. If we die then my name won't be Buck Jones.

(A pelican lands at the end of the hangar)

Buck: There's the pelican let's go.

(Suddenly Tex on a Momgoose drives next to them and throws on a box labeled HE then she lets the Warthog speed on.)

Jake: What'd she throw on us?!

Buck: It dosen't matter now that we are in the-

(Tex pulls out a detonator and presses the button just as the warthog is on the Pelican. The warthog and Pelican explode.)

(Tex takes off her helmet as Wash appears behind her.)

(Wash raises his gun.)

Wash: Alright Tex, freeze.

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