The first episode of Red vs Blue Solid. The battle begins.

Episode One: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning (Which Has Just Begun)Edit


Grif walks out the door, leaving it open behind him. Church and Tucker peek thier heads out, then tiptoe into the hallway.

Church: I still can't believe they just left it open!

Tucker: Come on, let's go rescue the chicks!

Church: Chicks? We're here for the DARPA Chief!

Tucker: What?! Ripoff! I wanted to rescure some chicks!

Church: Hey, we'res Caboose?

Caboose stands in front of a doorway, looking confused. He finally turns and walks towards Grif, speaking to him.

Caboose: Umm, excuse me Mister Guard-With-A-Really-Big-Gun!, I was wondering if you could tell me how to get into the top-secret floor that houses a superweapon?

Grif: Oh, yeah, map’s on the third floor.

Caboose: Thank you!

Caboose walks away, humming happily. Grif sighs, then straightens.

Grif: What just happened?

Simmons walks up to him, looking angry.

Simmons: Did you just tell another spy where the super weapon was?

Grif: Ummmm… no.

Created by MrFluffman.
Tucker: Fenix Marathon
Church: MrFluffman
Caboose: Zwd
Grif: Fenix Marathon
Simmons: MrFluffman
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