The Doctor's In the House is the seventh episode of Battle of Blood Gulch (Season One). It was written by MrFluffman 23:58, September 18, 2011 (UTC)


Jack "Rocket Shoes" Clay lay on the turret of Red Base, yawning. It had been a boring day, and the sounds of chaos coming from Blue Base only increased his boredome.

Suddenly he heard the rumble of a Warthog's engine. Suspicous, Clay lifted his Spartan Laser to his shoulder, then leaped down, keeping a close eye on the Blues who were driving towards Red Base. Scowling, Clay leaped down, Spartan Laser lifted his hands.

"Whoa!" Swanson said, seeing Clay, "we need to see Maddox."

"What's it too you?"

"We... ahhh.... Sam, you explain it."

"Well.... ummm.... let's just say we had a little fight, and the worst hurt one is.... he needs Maddox."

"What's the password?"

"Oh, for crying out loud," Maddox said, darting out of the base, "let me see him. He can't be too.... oh my god."

Krayson was a mess. His head was leaning down, blood leaking from his nose, mouth, forhead, and eyes. His right arm was twisted in the wrong direction, and his back was arched.

"Holy crap," Maddox said, lifting the fallen soldier out of Sam's hands, "who did this to him." He noticed Iron Fist didn't meet his eyes.

Maddox turned his head back towards the base. "Alexa!" he called. The female soldier darted out of the base, ran over to Maddox. "Sir?" she said. Killgrave, also present, looked a little ticked about Alexa referring to Maddox as "Sir."

"Help me get him to base," Maddox said, and he and Alexa hefted Krayson through the door.

An unknown figure watched silently from the cliffs as the Reds took Krayson into the base. Beneath the skull helmet, the figure scowled. Guess you were right, Daniel. When you make a promise, you bloody keep it. Even if it kills you.

But the Reds couldn't examine him. If they did, they'd find the tatoo, the sampel of bugger DNA. Everything they'd been working on ever since Longshore would collapse.

The figure blinked into camo.

Patching up Krayson was easy. Healing him was another matter. With all the casts in place, Maddox then prepared for surgery. With barely sterilized tools. Man, it would be a miracle if Krayson lived. Scowling, Maddox began to pull of the armor, when he thought he heard something.

Lifting his head up, Maddox saw Alexa looking around too. Trusting she could handel it, Maddox turned back. Suddenly their was a crash, and Maddox turned around, pistol in hand. Alexa was on the floor, unhurt but unconsious.

Then something struck his head, and he cried out before darkness took him.

Song jerked as he heard the cry. Maddox, he thought, and darted towards the entrance.

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