First fanfic in Battle of Blood Gulch.

The New GuysEdit

Blood Gulch looked almost peaceful in the early hours of the morning. Several Warthogs went in and out, collecting dead bodies, grabbing new soldiers.

Daniel Krayson relaxed as the driver drove him toward Blue Base. A new assignment! After several years at Sidewinder, he could go to a place with new guys, new memories...

The Warthog shuddered, stopped. Krayson looked up as the driver slammed his helmet against the windshield. "Guess you'll have to walk the rest of the way," he muttered. Krayson shrugged and jumped out of the car.

As he strode along, he pulled out a small handle, flicked a switch on it's side. Two bright bars of energy spouted from the ends. Smiling underneath his helmet, Krayson pulled out a unpulled grenade and tossed it lightly. He smiled as he tossed in the direction of Red Base.

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