'The Turtle'
Theturtle 01 tfa
Aerial Photograph of The Turtle


The Turtle


The Insurrection



The Turtle a submersible Naval vessel under command of The Insurrection. It makes it's first appearance in the closing moments of Killed in Action. The Turtle is used by The Insurrection to transport troops to various locations around the globe and acts as the faction's primary ship, much like Project Freelancer's Mother of Invention. It has a crew of aproximately 50 to 100.
Theturtle 02 tfa

An birds-eye photograph of The Turtle (note the camera's crosshair)


Top DeckEdit

The Turtle has a top deck which remains above water when the vessel is surfaced. It is quite a large ship and it's flat deck can hold many people. However, it is probably not large enough to hold an aerial vehicle.
Theturtle 03 tfa

A photo of The Turtle from the front

Role in the PlotEdit

The Turtle was the first Insurrection vessel that the Rookie ever saw, it was the vessel that brought him, Archer, Girlie and Sleeves to the Longshore Shipyards to meet Insurrectionist leader, Crowe.


  • The Turtle is an aquatic animal and can swim when it feels necessary, this is a possible yet unlikely reason why series creator Agent_Rhode named it as such.

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