Triston Nest

Triston Nest, also known as Recovery 4, is a Freelancer Agent and the tactical, information, and strategic expert of the group. He joined Recovery after showing excellent marks when he entered the military. He knows a lot of things, and can translate almost any language. He also knows a bit of medical training, though not very much.


Nest wears an EVA helmet that is custom made for him. his HUB is connected to the most extensive network of information in the galaxy, letting him know almost anything he needs to know. His information is limited to what UNSC and Freelancer knows, so he makes a habit of documenting anything he doesn't know. He also has his own TACPAD he made himself.


Nest carries a regular DMR, a Marksman on his back, and a Magnum sidearm


Nest stand 6'2 with dark brown hair and green eyes. He has a regular build, but is slightly leaner than most soldiers.


Nest is a very caring soul, getting along with just about everyone. he is sarcastic, but only with people he knows well. He is very trustworthy and loyal, always following orders the minute he is told. He isn't that good with guns, but he can be a good shot if need be.

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