First look into Krayson's past. Kind of. Right after his confrontation with ????

"Krayson! KRAYSON!"

Swanson kicked the wall, swearing. Just when he needed a drink most, right when Martinez was chasing Jenkins around with a Rocket Laucher, trying to kill a fly on his back, right then did Krayson disappear!

Usually, he kept Krayson at a distance. But sometimes, he just decided to hang out with him. The guy was pretty cool, he just... was too cool. Still, he made the best drinks this side of Reach.

Swanson looked all over for him, even in his bedroom, only peaking one eye in. Finally, he tried the computer room, even though that was usually Jenkins' hideout.

As he walked in, he saw Krayson hunched over one of the computer terminals, looking up several images from his files. His helmet was off. His brown hair was messed up, and he looked like he hadn't shaved in weeks.

Swanson looked around nervously, then knocked on the door. Krayson leaped up, pulling a pistol on Swanson's face. Swanson backed up, looking around wildly.

"Hey man, free country. Can't shoot me."

Krayson relaxed, lowering the gun, and hiding the document he had on. "Sorry, mate." he laughed a little bit, "blimey, you scared the stuffings out of me, chap."

"What were you looking at?"


"C'mon, show me so we can start with the drinking."

"Ummm... if you don't mind, no drinking for me. They're in the cuboard in the kitchen."

"Kay. You okay?

"Ummm... yep."

As Swanson went to get the drinks, he noticed Krayson turning back to the computer, looking at the photos again, muttering "can't believe... still alive.... can't be"

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